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My Approach

My name is Leontien Konijn.

As a language expert, I find it important to follow the individual learning process of each of my clients closely. What are my client's needs? How much input can my client process? What is the best approach to use to ensure that what my client has learned has a lasting impact?


My approach is to use a variety of tools in the language acquisition process. To this end, I incorporate any fields of interest that my client may have, which ensures that my clients remain motivated, as they learn something useful and practical. In my experience learning the Dutch language works best if elements of the language like grammar, vocabulary and expressions, are integrated in a conversational learning style which relates to the life or work field of the client.


I aim on teaching people how to speak Dutch as if it were a game (building on existing knowledge) or an everyday conversation, and I enjoy figuring out how each of my students learn best, without feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with learning grammar rules. And I have learned that clients benefit from a learning process that is combined with some background knowledge of the in's and out's on Dutch news, culture and society.

I have done business with:

De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, Allen & Overy, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Nauta Dutilh, Baker & McKenzie, SThree, Huxley Associates,IT Job Board, Madison Black, GGD Amsterdam, EQT-CBJT financial services, Cititec, Chartboost, Leaseplan, Rig investments, Royal republiq, International School Utrecht

My fascination for language

I have always found language fascinating because of it's power. Depending on the specific words you use and on how you structure these words you can create different worlds. This holds true for each and every expression of language, from a everyday conversation to a presentation or a debate, and from a text message or e-mail to a piece of journalism, literature or poetry.

The more you master a language and it's possibilities the more your options to play with it and benefit from it grow.

I admire great speakers, journalist, poets and writers. People with excellent skills to put thoughts, emotions and ideas into words.


In my work as a language trainer I enjoy assisting my clients in the process of expanding their language skills and to witness how they get to the point that they can express themselves in Dutch at the level they were aiming for and beyond.

My Training

Soon after graduating at the University of Amsterdam (Dutch Literature and poetry) I started to teach Dutch to corporate professionals and a few years later, in 2000, I founded Dutch Inc.


From the start my focus has been on business professionals. I have trained myself in following the individual learning process of each of my clients closely. What are my client's needs? How much input can my client process? What is the best approach to use to ensure that what my client has learned has a lasting impact?

I specialized myself to incorporate the teaching of grammar and vocabulary in a conversational teaching style.

Throughout the years of intensive teaching I learned what type of exercises work best, and I have developed lots of lesson materials on every single aspect of the Dutch language. Last but not least I have developed ways to establishing self-confidence when communicating in Dutch with the Dutch. This is important, since the Dutch are not always as encouraging as they could be.

At the point were I am at now I am still open to improve and learn to be the best language trainer you could wish for.

"Leontien is a very patient for me, Dutch was one of the hardest languages to learn but she is a great teacher, thanks to her I passed my Inburgeringsexamen in no time! The lessons were practical and with structure."

Omar Ramirez

'Language learning takes time and practice. Leontien has her own method so that it is more effective and fun. With her it is more than language learning, you see the Netherlands through her eyes. When the warmth of Dutch people reach you, the language is not far away.'

Jiajia Gao

"I have been taking Dutch lessons with Leontien for three-and-a-half years, and my Dutch has improved tremendously as a result. Leontien is a patient and friendly teacher with an ear for detail. She is flexible and able to schedule lessons around my busy work schedule, and she has been great about tailoring the content of the lessons to my interests in order to keep me motivated."

Heather Gainnandrea

"Leontien's conversational teaching style makes it easy to feel comfortable with every day Dutch, which is very important. You can learn from a book too, but lesson structure where you dont have to feel like you are in class, practicing and speaking fluidly and in a personalised method have been the keys for me. Thanks Leontien! Inburgeringsexams passed!"

Hilary Metcalfe

"Leontien is a highly dedicated and experienced Dutch teacher. She tailors the content and methods of the lessons to your personal needs and facilitates your steady progress in an interesting way. In the past few years Leontien has greatly assisted me in making the best use of my time for effective learning."

Sharon Oded

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