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Levels and skills

What is your current level and what level do you want or need to achieve?

To describe the different language levels (beginner -intermediate -advance) we use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Please take a look and find your current level and your goal level.

You can apply the levels to the different skills:

·      speaking

·       listening

·       reading

·       writing

Your objective for learning could be:

·       social language skills in daily situations;

·       conversing with your colleagues;

·       speaking at a meeting;

·       giving a presentation;

·       improving your pronunciation;

·       being able to understand work e-mails in Dutch;

·       other.


Introduction to the Netherlands and the Dutch culture

An overview of the Netherlands and an a handy introduction to its social, cultural and business characteristics will be part of your training.

Your individual Lesson plan

Your individual lesson plan including the schedule will be based on your own objective for learning.

Each Dutch lesson plan is unique and founded on a learning method rooted in the universal principles of learning a second language.

Your Personalized one-on-one training onsite

one-on-one training

The focus in the lessons will be completely on your learning process. What language skills do you need to develop and improve?

your individual learning style, pace and language objectives as guidepost

Your individual learning style, language objectives and pace are the starting point of the the teaching method I will use in your language training and they remain the guidepost throughout the process.

Focus on the type of language that is useful to you

Together, we'll look at how the Dutch language is used in situations you meet in your everyday life. What vocabulary is useful to you? Are there standard situations you will meet that we need to practice? Is understanding your main goal, or for example speaking?

We copy real life communication in your lessons

In the lessons you will speak, listen and read just as you would in your daily professional and social life. I will challenge you to express yourself solely in Dutch. This enables you to achieve the best result.

personalized lesson materials

The lesson materials we will use in your training will suit your individual learning style and language objectives.



All courses are onsite to maximise your time.

Since 2000, I have been teaching expat professionals and corporates and developed a unique method that meets your professional needs. Based on my experience working with high-level professionals, I am able to detect the learning style that best suits you and your busy lifestyle.


I am adept at creating an individual approach for each of my students. I aim to make your learning experience efficient and pleasant.


And above all, I will help you identify strategies that will build your self-confidence when communicating in Dutch with the Dutch.




"Leontien is a very patient for me, Dutch was one of the hardest languages to learn but she is a great teacher, thanks to her I passed my Inburgeringsexamen in no time! The lessons were practical and with structure."

Omar Ramirez

'Language learning takes time and practice. Leontien has her own method so that it is more effective and fun. With her it is more than language learning, you see the Netherlands through her eyes. When the warmth of Dutch people reach you, the language is not far away.'

Jiajia Gao

"I have been taking Dutch lessons with Leontien for three-and-a-half years, and my Dutch has improved tremendously as a result. Leontien is a patient and friendly teacher with an ear for detail. She is flexible and able to schedule lessons around my busy work schedule, and she has been great about tailoring the content of the lessons to my interests in order to keep me motivated."

Heather Gainnandrea

"Leontien's conversational teaching style makes it easy to feel comfortable with every day Dutch, which is very important. You can learn from a book too, but lesson structure where you dont have to feel like you are in class, practicing and speaking fluidly and in a personalised method have been the keys for me. Thanks Leontien! Inburgeringsexams passed!"

Hilary Metcalfe

"Leontien is a highly dedicated and experienced Dutch teacher. She tailors the content and methods of the lessons to your personal needs and facilitates your steady progress in an interesting way. In the past few years Leontien has greatly assisted me in making the best use of my time for effective learning."

Sharon Oded

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