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To learn the language is your first aim. In addition to language aspects my trainings also include a handy introduction to the Netherlands, its social, cultural and business characteristics.


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one-on-one training

Are you an expat professional or corporate in the Netherlands? Do you want to learn Dutch to integrate quickly and successfully? And are you looking for Dutch lessons, that can be combined with your busy lifestyle?

I offer you one-on-one, personalized Dutch language training onsite.

I am a highly experienced academically trained language trainer and I will help you master the Dutch language from beginner, intermediate or advanced to the level you want or need to achieve.

Throughout the years of intensive teaching I have developed a proven method to improve your Dutch language skills for whatever your needs may be - professional, business or private. I am able to detect the learning style that best suits you. This enables me to make your learning experience highly efficient and above all pleasant.


I will guide you through the process of learning the Dutch language in a practical way that addresses your daily life. And I will assist you in building up the self-confidence to actually bring into practice your language skills.


Dutch Language Training for expat professionals and corporates